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October 05, 2008


Jeff Trudell

I thought about this "conversation prism" when I was reading your post. It is amazing how web 2.0 tools are being incorporated into 21st century learning.


Marion Ginopolis

Thanks for sharing this - what a great way to visualize all of the Web 2.0 tools and applications. Definitely something we will use in our program to demo the exponential growth of Web 2.0. I only wish that districts weren't blocking many of these valuable teaching/learning sites. Yesterday at a training in Macomb, two principals were so disappointed that they wouldn't be able to use wikis with their staff because sites were blocked. :-(

David Britten

As a principal, I greatly enjoy following many of my recent graduates on Facebook as they maneuver through the maze of college, work, military and family life. Staying connected, I have learned quite a bit about what they valued from their time in our school. Nothing is more reaffirming than hearing about something that was introduced in a college class that they recall learning or talking about in high school. Without social networking, staying in touch this way would be next to impossible.

Karen Ogles

As a principal and teacher I have always found value in keeping current with what students value and are involved in. I must admit as I get older it is more challenging because of the amount of time required to learn new technologies and remembering to focus on the positives not the negatives of what the students are doing. Being able to have conversations with students about their interests is vital in making connections with them during the school day.

Jim Rayner

Mike Shmoker,in "Results Now" advocates "read. write, discuss". Are we not encouraging this here with our students? There could be great value here.

Marilyn Herriman

As a principal, I only have learned to use the technologies that are absolutely necessary. But I stumbled upon a use of e-mail this week and I wonder why I didn't do this before. I have a couple of fifth grade boys that would rather be doing anything other than classwork. I have been e-mailing them about being successful. They see the exchange of e-mail with the principal as being "cool" and I know I am dropping subtle messages reminding them why education is important and needs their attention.

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