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October 03, 2007


Nancy Head

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do with educators.

I hear a lot about "digital native" students and their "digital immigrant" teachers...

... but what about peer-to-peer differences? Do you find a "digital divide" among students? I see a tremendous divide and it concerns me.

To what extent do you feel this gap can/should be bridged?

And today's college graduates were raised in a "digital" world... Many of us have been using Macs, Windows & even Internet since the 80s... that's 20+ years... a college student's lifetime. Yet, these students are also a divided group: some are "immigrants;" others are "natives."

My concern is that soon the divide will no longer be a generational one so much as a societal one.


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I really appreciated your comments. As an school principal in a low socio-economic school district, I certainly agree that the growing divide in the digital world is societal vs. generational. I am also one of the principals benefitting from the principal training through MI-Life.

Unless we continue providing digital resources to the disadvantaged families (not just the students), and related training to educators and families, my belief is the "divide" will only grow larger with the increase in technological advances that change on a daily basis.

Great insight!


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