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September 04, 2007


Reb Brown

I had the opportunity to be on a panel of education experts speaking to college class. On our panel was an PA Department of Education official, and one of the new topics she spoke about the new graduation competency tests that the state is considering. I've been pretty outspoken on my blog and in my presentations about my opposition to high-stakes graduation tests. That comes into play later.
Reb Brown

Mike Duffy

I have always been interested in the motivation it takes kids to learn new video games. They never just do level 1 but strive to "beat" the game. How do we get kids to think that way about academics?


Thanks for writing this.

Sue Grzegorczyk

Technology is:
new ideas when excited
old ways come back when frustrated
mind boggling
yada,yada, yada

Hard Workers

Today's class has been very interesting. The different technology tools available will be helpful as leaders move towards the 21st century.

Veronica Marshall | school counseling degree

Great point Reb. It certainly does take a great deal of determination/ motivation for children to master today's complicated video games. If we could just figure out how to properly harness that and apply to education we'd be on the road to success!


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