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June 19, 2007


Sherry McVay

I'm clear on how these elements hook together, and the technological elements make lots of sense, so the puzzle is coming together! Looking forward to hearing more about the other components.


all this information is good and should help all stateholders

Sue Leslie

Toxic culture can be a result of a few. Sometimes we have to continue with the coherence and capacity in spite of this. The "toxic two or three" can be very influential, and I see learning to move forward without them or in spite of them can be a definite leadership skill.


I agree, and how can this be presented to tie it all together?

Dee Benjamin

Fun, thoughtful additional reading might include FISH in the discussion of the toxic culture of a district or building.


A wonderful analogy and to extend it we cannot overlook the role of VISION in this work. Without that cover picture of the puzzle, the vision, assembling the puzzle pieces is much more difficult.

Angelina Zeller

In recent years, I have heard many administrators taking about the need to be Instructional Leaders. The connection to Coherence, Culture, and Capacity is rarely mentioned. These foundational components add substance to the term Instructional Leader.

Anthony Habra and Larry Audet

Collectively, they create a new capacity; a capacity that increases leadership effectivness. While each is distinct, when implimented in a coherent manner they increase a leader's ability to help people through improvement processes.

Diane McMillan

I think your focus on the three pieces is right on track. However,I think the culture piece is so important. It's so hard to move forward if the culture is resistant, or maybe just uninformed. So many times, we know what we need to do, but we don't know how to do it or we lack the capacity to do so.

Ann Hall

I think that coherence for connecting the curriculum with high-quality classroom and instruction and student assessment will improve the culture and capacity of school learning. When the professional learning community is focused the culture and capacity will be strengthened.

Maurice Washington

Istrongly agree that you need to understand the whole piece of the puzzle.

Alona Donerson

I'm excited about the three C's and the wealth of information and training that will be available to all building adminstrators. These courses should be prerequisites for the entry level building principal!

Rande Horn

The 3 C's you have talked about are very important to the new way of leadership. Good job.

Mary Miller

Instructional coherence is certainly dependent on culture and capacity - but it seems that coherence is the piece of the puzzle with which I struggle the most. It's the piece that makes everything else *fit* - how does what we do in school impact our students? Certainly we need culture and capacity, but I think we need it in order to provide coherence for our students.



Pat and Greg

All three of the pieces don't always get fully implemented due to mismatched assumptions. Until these assumptions are discussed and defined, professional growth can become stalled. Leaving the assumptions undefined leads to toxicity within your school culture. All three C's work in combination, all having equal importance.


Student achievement must be the cornerstone - the prize. This can't happen without the 3 "C's". You can't force fit the pieces of this puzzle. If one doesn't fit, you need to figure out why and work to assure that it does fit. This process relies on strong leadership.


School culture is a tough issue to confront because it is impacted by so many factors. Positive change cannot take place without a positive culture. A good place to begin is to take deliberate steps to build trust. That can be done by investing in personal and professional relationships of all stakeholders. The technology may assist in this by giving everyone equal access to expressing their ideas and views.

Ellie Rainey

Before I begin to solve a puzzle I need to see the "whole" picture...this leads to grouping of similar colors, straight edges, etc. I feel solving a problem, creating a new program, or bringing things together begins with a vision or the finish product. PS This is a great day!

Jill Hilla

I wish I had had the benefit of this training prior to becoming a building administrator! Experience is an abusive teacher!

Pat and Greg

We forgot to log off!

Pat and Greg

We did too.


The "3 C's" should be the new "3 R's"!


A good puzzle is only as good as the pieces. This one appears to be fitting together very well.


The "3 C's" should be the new "3 R's"! Sorry, Pat and Greg...I blogged in the wrong box!

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