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June 06, 2007



While EM School Edition might be a good idea there is an extra hurdle to overcome. In the home edition, the owners of the home want the changes to the home. The owners of the schools, (the community), have time and time again expressed that they want things the way the were. The common phrase is, "If it was good enough for me, it's good enough for today's students".
Many of us in education know that the old good enough is not good enough in a Flat World. Superintendants and Boards of Education have a difficult job of convincing the school owners to let the remodeling crew in.

Sherrie L. Marine

I have been thinking of the same thing! I know our school could really use it!!!

Carmen Joyce

The only thing I can say is... Where do I get the application?


I am a Sophomore at Aiken High School. While it may not be the worst school out there, we are suffering from a steadily decreasing graduation rate. I believe our learning environment greatly affects our course of action in life. While many students and faculty possess great potential I fear our campus is holding us back. I m very interested in your idea and hope I may see this carried out. Good luck!!!


Our school's auditorium got destroyed by a tornado a week ago today. Along with 100 homes in a community and a town nearby. The auditorium of this school has an amazing story. There's too much that I can say here because Im sure there's a character limit. But if EM helped our school win this tragedy, it would make an awesome episode. Where do I apply for this?

Mary T. Elliott

We are so blessed to have our son with dyslexia attending a Charter school.With a pre-fab bldg. & a couple of trailers the principle & teachers work wonders with kids that would have otherwise been left behind. There's no gym and only a very small cafeteria. The school is small but growing. There's no area large enough to even hold any type of ceremony or event. This school is so deserving and does so much with so little. Just think of what they could accomplish with some help from EM - how can I enter them?

Kathleen Fleming

I'm a Senior in high school at Lee- Davis. The school is over 50 years old and it still needs some up to day stuff. Our old gym room the floor it's not wooden it's like rubber and it's torn up in some areas. In all of the classrooms still has Black Boards and Fat TV's plus some of the buttons are missing from them. Our gym equipments they are old and one of them is broken. Our restrooms in the locker rooms the stalls they are short where you can look right over them and see the person right next to you without standing on top of the toilet. My school really needs this so please help make my school look New on the inside. You can E-mail me at LadyBug-92@live.com

Katie Donnelly

Last year my daughter was being BULLIED at another school...she was only in Kindergarten when she was thrown on the ground and dragged by her bookbag. She was so upset and scared that she didnt even want to go to school. She ended up getting hurt, and I recieved no phone calls. It was time for me to take action and remove my child from this situation before it got worse. She is now in this amazing school, but with less for her to do or learn. My daughter's school needs the regular necessities that any other school may have. Such as, computers, a playground, gym supplies, books, nurses room, music room, art room, lunch room. The school is unfortunately separated by different buildings. To get to 5th and 6th grade you need to walk through the gym, and what appears to be a closet open the door and there is a classroom. And then, there is 7th and 8th grade above the gym, and in the back connected to the gym is the kids cafeteria room and the kitchen. When you walk outside there's another building with all the doors facing outside. It's Pre-K, Kindergarten, and I believe 4th grade. The kids have to walk outside to go to the facility. Then, there's the Office building with of course, the main office, down the narrow hall is first, second, and third grade. And last, but not least there's the dome building.....beautiful auditorium. The kids have no buses either. Please, as a parent my child's school needs help. They have wonderful staff and teachers, and are doing everything to raise money for the school, including parents. Please....help!!!! We just want our kids to have a chance to learn and grow. Thank you.


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