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February 22, 2007


Karl Fisch

Well, wow. You're welcome, although all I did was steal (umm, "remix") a bunch of other folks stuff and add some catchy music. I'm glad that it's helped get those conversations started in Michigan and elsewhere (the presentation has certainly taken on a life of its own!). If you get a chance, I'd love to see the version you guys put together.

Just curious, who's RSS feed did you first see it in?

Jane Perzyk

Karl, thanks for posting the comment. I read about "Did You Know" in an August 16th posting from Two Cents Worth, David Warlick's blog which is in my RSS feeds.

I'll email you our adaptation!

Rande Horn

Jane, I see a new term for me with viral video. After looking at a few things it is clear this is the way to go. Yes, Mike Flanagan used the "Did you Know" with the CTE group in February and it made a big impact. Thanks to you all for pushing people.

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